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A Handbag Essential

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It’s astonishing how much we can learn about a person by simply looking at the contents of a bag, especially as we women tend to pour our lives into them. With this is mind can you imagine how valuable our handbags are? Within our bags you can find our phone, kindle, tablet, make-up, purse and good knows what else, all in all, the average content of a handbag has a value of nearly £350!

So wouldn’t it be a great idea to make sure our bags were safe and secure? On a night out on the town, girls are targeted more often than men by opportunist thieves, due to their knowledge of how valuable our handbags are. So next time you’re out sipping cocktails, why not have your bag hanging from an ila Handbag Hook? This way your bag, along with its contents will always be kept in your sight.

The handbag hook is an essential item for all girls who wish to have peace of mind wherever they go. It’s stylish too and is sure to go with every bag in your wardrobe.

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