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Backpacking Security Essentials: Alastair Galpin reviews the Easy Clip-On Personal Alarm

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Security is something we treasure and the one thing we will go out of our way to gain. When the day’s drawing to a close we’d rather take the long route home, knowing that the streets are well lit rather than taking the quick way via a public passageway that is secluded from traffic or a residential area. We all want and need security to feel safe and at ease, and the same goes when you take that once-in-a-lifetime backpacking trip.

At Be Safe Alarms we know oh-too-well what safety means to everyone and sometimes you need that extra bit of security, such as being equipped with an alarm to feel reassured. This is especially true when travelling – part of the thrill is not knowing who you’ll meet and what you’ll discover, but to what extent? You don’t want to compromise, or jeopardise your safety. Alastair Galpin, one of the greatest world record breakers, who has travelled near and far to accomplish his titles knows just how important security is. Not just for one’s possessions, but one’s self.

We gave Alastair Galpin a personal security alarm to help him, no matter where his travels may take him to create a sanctuary away from danger and the unknown. Writing a review of the Easy Clip On Alarm that boasts an ear-piercing 120dB siren, Alastair commented:

“I got a personal security alarm because I can see multiple uses for it. Two of these applications are so common for backpackers to worry about; you might be hoping I’ll cover them. Here they are.”

Application One: Stealing

“‘He went in to buy a bottle of water quickly, and returned to find only his cap lying where his 50-litre backpack had been on the cracked pavement a minute earlier”. Yes, it happens all the time. And it will definitely happen again, so make sure you’re not the one in for such a blood-draining surprise.

“Lock your goods and tie them to something robust every time you turn your face. It’s a boring routine, but look at the alternative, which you’re inviting if you don’t. This lightweight high-volume alarm could be just the trick. If that wily guy snatches your backpack, your surfboard or your bicycle, the noise will explode into the air, effectively saying ‘hey everyone, look – I’m not supposed to be doing this: look at me!’

“But it can get worse, and heaven forbid that both this and the previous incident happen to you on the same day.

Application Two: Breaking and Entering

“‘The rattling was so loud it woke me up when the main panel snapped and he smashed his way through the open door, aiming straight for my bed!’ A blood-curdling thought? Then make absolutely sure you have physical barriers up, so you can sleep the way you want to, not how he wants you to.

“Girls – and boys – are petrified at the thought. It happens. And if you’re on a budget, backpacking could mean you’re staying in seedy hotels. I’ve done it and many are actually quite a lively experience; nothing to worry about, except for remembering the details of your journey to these places. But if you’re targeted late at night in the end room on the third floor, in an otherwise empty lodging at the bottom of a run-down city, you’d be trembling.

“Use your alarm to loop something on the wonky wooden door to something protruding on the door frame, such as nails (you could even carry your own drawing pins for this purpose). If the two are separated, the alarm will sound and you’ll have a much higher chance of a decent outcome. With a little modification, you can easily loop a cord through each end of this alarm according to your personal likes.

“Basically, don’t take chances with your hard-earned investment in that stuffed-to-capacity backpack or your own body’s security when you’re out and about. I’ve found my alarm a neat tool, and you’d surely find even more uses for yours, so get thinking.

“Next time, I’m on the road for world record attempts, do you think I’ll have my alarm?”

We’re sure he will and after reading this review from Alastair we believe everyone from the Be Safe Alarms team will be packing this essential item when they go on their next adventure. Personal safety alarms are a fantastic deterrent to have on you at all times and at Be Safe Alarms we have a myriad of security products that will assist in keeping you safe in an array of situations. From door wedge alarms to window alarms and many other security measures to wear on one’s person – you’ll be able to backpack safely and securely.

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