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Dummy Bell Boxes

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Adding valuable security to your business or home doesn’t have to cost the earth; in fact with dummy bell boxes it can be surprisingly inexpensive. Dummy bell boxes are ideal to install around your property to deter potential burglaries from happening. They are perfect for those who don’t want to install a full CCTV camera system and want to save costs. The main advantage of having a dummy bell box is that it only costs a fraction of the price of a full CCTV installation; potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Installing inappropriate security equipment will waste your time and money. Instead a plan should be devised when wanting to use a security system as a deterrent. Dummy bell boxes are a good and inexpensive measure to have on the premise as they look realistic, are easy to install and maintenance is very low. Installing such a measure (whether real CCTV or dummy) will discourage intruders and make them think twice about stepping onto your property. Any security, whether dummy or not, is better than none at all.

Installing your dummy bell box

The dummy bell box allows you to mount a visual deterrent in a place which is very prominent to passersby and potential intruders. The place and position of your dummy security bell box should be carefully considered; it needs to be in a place where it is easily seen (otherwise it may not deter intruders), but it also needs to be kept in a safe area where it will not be under threat of damage.
When placing your dummy bell box, think of it as a real box so your positioning is believable. Avoid mounting the bell box on a completely shaded wall, shadows from guttering roof overhangs, fascia boards, neighbouring walls, trees and so on.
Our dummy bell boxes are easy to install as they come provided with a black powder coated wall mounting bracket.

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