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Dummy Cameras vs. CCTV

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Surveillance cameras are an essential tool for the fight against crime, not only for businesses and commercial property owners, but for homes too. But would you opt for a CCTV system or would it be advisable to mount a dummy camera on your wall?

When it comes to protecting your property a careful assessment of the risks is required to indentify whether installing a CCTV system is a worthwhile investment or not.

It is advisable for a company to have a full CCTV system operating around the property. However, there are some firms who use a mixture of both CCTV and dummy cameras to help manage costs. Dummy cameras are a cost effective way of protecting a building, primarily used as a deterrent, taking advantage of their convincing aesthetics to discourage and confuse potential burglaries. Some businesses use dummy cameras in less sensitive areas, both inside and outside of the property to deter criminal activity. Dummy cameras along with other suitable security measures can offer the level security required at a fraction of the cost if the investment for a CCTV system is not needed.

When it comes to the security of your home, dummy cameras could be all that’s needed to help deter opportunist thieves as they are more likely to stay away from properties that have a visible security system. The look of the dummy camera is extremely important, especially when it comes to discouraging professional crooks. There are some cheap dummy camera options available, but many of them can easily be distinguished as a fake. However, there are some dummy systems that are convincing and can look like the real CCTV cameras we see around many commercial builds.

The location you mount your dummy system is also important as you want it to be visible. Take a look at our Help Centre and you will find further guidance on installing your dummy camera.

CCTV cameras are expensive to buy and operate, not only do you need multiple cameras to record sensitive areas, you need to maintain the live systems and store live footage. Dummy cameras are a cost effective way of securing a building, but an assessment of the risks needs to be completed before any systems are introduced.

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