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In house alarms

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When it comes to protecting your home you should always be mindful of the surroundings and when wanting to prevent potential criminal activity from coming to your doorstep, a dummy camera system can become the ideal deterrent.

However, the worth of your home contents can sometimes be as much as the value of your home and so needs protection from potential burglaries. It’s a known fact that windows and doors are the most common entry points and so we’re bombarded with all kinds of security measures that ensure our homes are difficult to break into. But which security measures should we put into action and what works best?

This is a difficult question to answer, but never the less a question that needs to be taken into consideration. It all depends on your preference, the areas that need to be concentrated on and the budget. Due to this, at Be Safe Alarms we have a variety of home security devices including:

  • Door alarms
    Door entry systems
    Dummy security
    Mini PIR alarm systems
    Motion sensor alarms
    Panic alarms
    Voice memo alarms
    Window alarms
  • Depending on how militant you wish to become with your security, we advise you begin with the basics and grow your security system as you desire. A door alarm and window alarms are the key components to an effective home security system and so form the basics that you should begin with. Assess your home and look at it as if you were an opportunist thief, if you believe there are certain areas that can be considered sensitive then you will know what measures you need to take.

    Door alarms are one of the main devices to have. If there is any form of forced entry an alarm will sound off, which will not only deter the burglar it’ll also notify you that assistance is required. In some cases criminals work in small groups and word is sure to go around the group if they know your home has a security system.

    If this sounds ideal then we advise you to secure your windows with a Minder Window Alarm and Chime, which emits an ear piercing noise when the magnetic contact is separated. Not only can this alarm help you secure windows it can also be used to alert you of forced entry through front, back and patio doors. At Be Safe Alarms we also recommend the use of a door wedge. This can be used as the primary door security or as a part of a system. You may choose to have the front door protected with an alarm and chime device and then use the door wedge underneath it as an extra precaution.

    There are many ways to use our home security devices . However, to get the best system operational it’s advisable to take a look around your home first to assess what is needed.

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