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Keeping your Home Safe and Secure

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When wanting to make your home as safe and secure as possible, adding home security measures help bring peace of mind and protection for your property. The purpose of installing such measures is not just as a deterrent, but also to ensure your home is extremely difficult to enter and burgle. With Be Safe Alarms’ range of home security products you’re sure to find a security system that will suit your requirements.

The majority of break ins are by opportunist thieves, so keeping your house secure by good locks and other security measures, as below could help reduce the risk of being burgled. The most popular targeted areas of a home are windows, doors and unlocked tool areas (sheds or garages). This can all be securely locked through a wide variety of security products such as a door wedge alarm, window alarm or chime and property minder.

Top tip

When it comes to installing home security systems, look at your home as if you were an intruder and take the necessary actions to make your home safe and secure.


Doors are one of the most common entry points for an intruder, so it is important that you make sure they are locked. There are also deterring solutions you can incorporate into your home such as a door scope and a door wedge alarm.

The door scope enables you to gain a wide angled, magnified view of who is outside your door. Whereas, the door wedge alarm makes it harder to open the door when wedged underneath it and if the intruder tries to force entry, an alarm will be set off. As the alarm is ear splittingly loud this can deter the intruder and will also alert you to phone the police.

Top tip These wedges are also ideal for students and travellers who stay in many hotels.


This is the second most common entry point for intruders, so it’s important to ensure you have taken the correct safety precautions when closing and locking all windows. Using locking solutions such as the glass guard, which is an effective, low cost (£7.99) vibration alarm is an ideal measure to take when wanting to keep your home safe and secure. You may also want to use a window alarm and chime, which is an alarm for windows and doors. By using the chime mode it can be used to alert you of unwanted guests through front, back or patio doors.

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