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Mommy I’m Here child locators

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The revolutionary Mommy I’m Here child locator is now available at Be Safe Alarms and it’s already proved to be a popular choice with many parents.

The beauty of this innovative commodity is in the story behind it. Created by Bob White, a parent himself who thought he had lost his two year old daughter whilst shopping. He describes the dreaded feeling all parents hope they will never endure;

‘“Hailey! Hailey! Where are you?” My stomach sank, my wife's face became heated and red. We did not know where our two year old daughter went. The store was crowded. Did someone take her? Did she just innocently wander off? The uncertainty of her situation was frightening. We began calling her name more loudly and frequently. The store manager was preparing to shut the front doors when we heard an older lady say, "Is this your daughter?" Luckily, it was.’

Losing sight of your child can be the most terrifying experience for a parent. However, with the Mommy I’m Here device those circumstances shouldn’t happen.

How the child locator works

Simply attach the bear to your child’s clothing or shoe; girls can even wear them as a bracelet! The transmitter is for you and it can be used as a keyring. If your child innocently walks off and you’re unsure of their whereabouts, simply push the button and alarm will be emitted, making it easier to locate your child.

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